PROGold AC Crimped Fittings 049 How to Order: Fuel Log / Carb Kit Assemblies Typical Configurations: To order a complete assembled and tested Fuel Log: (See following pages for fitting choices) • Specify fitting A • Specify fitting B • Specify the Length Between the Fittings (Typical Holley Carb length is 9-5/16"). LENGTH FITTING B AC-08-0012 FITTING A AC-08-0013 FITTING A AC-08-0013 FUEL REGULATOR LENGTH 1 LENGTH 2 FITTING B AC-08-06-M3-00 (9/16" thread) or AC-08-M3-00 (3/4" thread) 90-J08-M06-3 (9/16" thread) or 90-J08-M08-3 (3/4" thread) Typical Configurations Carb Kit Part Number Hose Size Fitting A Fitting B Length CARB-KIT-001 -08 AC-08-0012 AC-08-0013 9-5/16" CARB-KIT-016 -08 AC-08-0012 AC-08-0017-3 9-5/16" CARB-KIT-021 -08 AC-08-0012 AC-08-0015 9-5/16"