147 www.BMRS.net Technical Information Assembly Procedure ProGold AR Reusable Fittings Metal Braid: To minimize braid flare, wrap the area of the hose to be cut with masking tape. Cut the hose with a suitable cut off wheel or fine toothed hack saw blade and then remove the tape. Screw the olive onto the hose until the hose protrudes through. Don't cross thread or force the olive. Make sure the braid goes over the olive. Pull the sockets up over the olives. Lubricate the fitting thread with a light oil. Insert the tail into the hose. Engage the fitting and socket threads. Screw together as far as possible by hand. NOTE: NEVER loosen fittings once assembled to achieve the desired orientation. ALWAYS use new olive when reusing an end fitting. IF IN DOUBT contact BMRS. FINAL STEP: Clean the assembly fittings and proof pressure test the assembly to 1-1/2 times the system working pressure. Non-Metallic Braid: Wrap with Scotch Magic Tape 810 on area to be cut. Cut the hose with a sharp knife then carefully remove the tape. Trim the hose back to be flush or a maximum of 1mm proud of the olive. Lightly grip the socket in a set of vice jaws and fully tighten the fitting. Braid tends to flare more at one end than the other. Assemble both sockets back to back from the less flared end. Ensure the hose is cut cleanly and square. Metal Braid: Socket should be no more than 1mm away from the fitting face. Non-Metallic Braid: Socket should be touching the fitting face. Masking tape minimizes braid flare. Wrap with Scotch Magic Tape 810. Assemble from Less flared end. End is cut flush. Turn Clockwise.