146 www.BMRS.net Technical Information The diagrams below illustrate how to measure the overall length of the assembly with various styles and configurations of end fittings attached. Assembly lengths given to BMRS without further definition will be produced to this convention. When ordering factory made assemblies it is important to specify the length and fitting orientation in a consistent manner. The convention used by BMRS is recognized internationally as the standard method. Hose Assembly Length and Orientation Measurement Assembly Length 1 3 2 4 Where an assembly has an elbow or banjo fitting at both ends or a combination of elbows and banjos, the angular orientation between the fittings must be stated. This is measured in degrees counter-clockwise. The angle is measured from the center line of the nearest fitting when this fitting is positioned at 6 o'clock to the center line of the other fitting. NOTE: In this example the orientation is 180°. Elbow Orientation 900 00 2700 1800