136 www.BMRS.net Couplings - in Partnership with STAUBLI SPM Couplings STÄUBLI SPM range, the couplings that speed up gearbox oil filling and eliminates any potentially dangerous spillages. Completely Recessed Mounting into Crankcase: No Raised Parts. Designed to prevent any track pollution risk due to oil spillage, the SPM couplings are completely integrated into the crankcase. It Is therefore well protected against shocks and stays tight, even in a crash. Easy lo Integrate, the SPM range is directly adaptable to your crankcase. Non-Drip, Clean-Break: (No Oil Drops on the Floor!) The flush face design eliminates any spillage of oil onto the car or pit area and any ingress of air into the system. Light Weight: Designed to contribute lightness and compactness, SPM couplings contribute to the optimization of your performances. NOTE: With the bottle version, the working pressure depends on the oil volume. Construction • Socket (Car Side): Aluminum • Plug (Pit Side): brass • Bottle (Pit Side); Aluminum • Seals: Fluorocarbon (JV) Technical Characteristics SPM 08 SPM 12 Nominal diameter (ins) 5/16" 1/2" Max. Working pressure (psi) 116 116 Shut-off system Double Double Oil Volume Relative Recommended Air Pressure ..