134 www.BMRS.net Couplings - in Partnership with STAUBLI CBR 02 Couplings True dry break coupling for connecting and bleeding hydraulic systems, brakes and recharging dampers. High resistance locking system suitable for the strong mechanical forces during race conditions. • Compact Size • Light Weight • Clean-Break • High Pressure Resistant Technical Characteristics Socket-2 JIC Male Socket-3 JIC Male Plug-2 JIC Male Plug-3 JIC Male Plug 5/16" x 24 'O' Rlng Seal Plug 3/8" x 24 'O' Rlng Seal Plug M8 x 1 'O' Rlng Seal Plug M10 x 1 Copper Washer Seal Max. working pressure (psi) 4351 4351 4351 4351 4351 4351 4351 1450 Weight (oz) 0.384 0.416 0.236 0.236 0.134 0.169 0.134 0.187 Shut-off system Double Double Double Double Double Double Double Double Construction: Seals: Plug: Titanium (Green or Blue). Socket: Titanium with green or blue locking rings. Plug Caps: Green or blue Titanium locking rings and stainless steel indicator. -JV version - Fluorocarbon -JE version - Ethylene- Propylene (EPDM) -JK version - Perfluoroelastomer ..