106 www.BMRS.net Rigid Tube, Fittings and CNC Tube Bending CNC Tube Bending Brown & Miller complete CNC Tube Bending services including reverse engineering using our Romer Tube Scanner. Size capability ranges from 1/8" to 2" and includes stainless steel, steel, aluminum and titanium. Quick turn-around and low volume are never a problem. Complete Tube Systems Using a combination of compound tube bends and flexible hose, we can offer the ultimate package in terms of form and function. A complete range of end fittings allows for unlimited possibilities. Custom fittings for your specific application are never a problem. RH & LH CNC Tube Bender All Electric CNC Tube Bender Tube Nuts & Sleeves AN Fittings Wiggins Fittings Crimp Tail Form Fittings Wiggins Clamps, Caps & Plugs Tube Scanning Reverse Engineering & QC